Whether it’s business or personal, youth or adult, life gets better when you can say what you need to say and get motivated to do what you need to do.

Our CEO, Karen Kranbuehl, delivers high impact trainings, workshops, and speeches to diverse audiences.

  • Organizations and Business teams
  • Legal professionals and students
  • Clinical professionals, coaches, and peer support specialists
  • People in or seeking recovery from substance use disorder and mental illness
  • People transitioning to re-entry into the community

Continuing education for individual social workers and peer support specialists.

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When it comes to interpersonal communication, we all have strengths. But we all have places to improve, as well.

As an attorney, Karen saw highly successful courtroom litigators return to the office, full of nerves about talking with their assistants or families. In social work, she saw people struggle to communicate their needs and speak up for themselves in a wide array of contexts. The interpersonal communication skills and strategies Karen brings are relevant to every person.

For a fresh take on universally relatable subjects, treat your audience to some time with Karen. Contact us today to talk about your event.