Value and Benefits

The SAY IT Program focuses on self-advocacy and self-determination for a reason: People need them in order to navigate challenges, achieve goals, thrive, and enjoy life. Our approach is benefit-oriented, creating a powerful value proposition.

Independence. Students build their independence, reversing overdependence that can occur with counseling and other services staff.

Stress reduction. Students improve their ability to reduce stress.

Strong voice. Students gain capacity to speak up for themselves.

Wellness maintenance. Students will increase their chances of maintaining health and wellness, even during times when other supports and services may be lacking.

Ultimate benefits

Navigate life’s challenges. Students will develop skills to advocate for themselves, manage stress, and navigate the many transitions of recovery, such as entering and leaving treatment, starting college, reentry from incarceration, employment, relationships, housing, and relocations.

Build Social Determinants of Health. With the SAY IT Program, Students build Social Determinants of Health; things like building personal support networks, achieving financial security, completing education, sustaining employment, and having safe housing and transportation.

Cost-effective, solution-focused. The SAY IT Program is a cost-effective and solution-focused tool for reducing stress and improving Student’s ability to thrive.

Improve life trajectory. Ultimately, this combination of benefits sets Students on an improved trajectory for health and well-being throughout their lives.

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Tiered Pricing

Tiered pricing is now available to organizations that purchase multiple accounts. Contact us at 757-232-5244 or to learn more. We want to help your organization and those you serve to succeed!