Life’s challenges keep on coming. Be ready to face them.


Meet challenges with confidence. Our Students uses a robust list of features and an interactive, multimedia approach to online learning. Students build skills by creating their own real-life goals using comprehensive guided strategies. Through this repeatable process, our Students gain the traction they need achieve their goals and thrive.

Mindset and skill set. The SAY IT Program is the only online program that focuses on using self-advocacy and self-determination to navigate challenges and achieve goals. Students develop a self-advocacy mindset, emotional preparation, ally networks, and organized follow through practices.

Into action. This is where Students take what they’ve learned in places like counseling, life skills class, and coaching, and turn it into a goal-oriented game plan. Simply put, the SAY IT Program translates personal progress into life progress.

Students become self-advocates by using these features





Student Dashboard. A personalized, eye-pleasing Student Dashboard provides intuitive navigation, encouraging Students to dive into self-advocacy, goal setting, and strategy building. (Leaders, like coaches, peer support, and counselors, who use SAY IT with clients will have their own dashboard. You’ll see that further down this page.)

Goal setting. Students create personalized advocacy goals using a guided SMART goal method.

Strategy-development guide. Students use step-by-step guides in consistently structured multi-media chapters to develop a strategy for reaching their goals.

Notes. Students can organize information, ideas, resources, and tasks in the note space for each goal.

Date and time stamp. The automatic date and time stamp in Notes gives Students a compelling way to document events and create their own records.



Language skills. Students learn to use person-centered language so that they can discuss their situation and needs in a way that busts stigma, builds self-respect, and increases others’ ease and ability to engage with them.

Wellness maintenance. The SAY IT Program is a practical way for Students to build wellness skills to help them maintain wellness that they’ve achieved through other services.

My Allies. Students organize and mobilize support networks using My Allies pages. Throughout the program, prompts suggest key times to consult allies.


Share and print. Students have the option to share their work or print it. These features allow for flexibility in accessing and using a personalized person-centered language script, SMART Goal, strategy guides, and Notes.

Training videos. Professionally shot videos, presented in user-friendly segments of 3 to 6 minutes, bring the lessons to life.

Leader Dashboard. Direct services providers can use a Leader Dashboard that displays all Students assigned to the Leader. The Leader Dashboard includes the titles of Students’ goals and progress bars showing advancement through the program. Leaders can also upload information and resources to Students assigned to them and to groups of students.  Leaders cannot see the details of a Student’s  Goal, strategy work, or Notes, unless the Student specifically shares an item with the Leader.

Leader-selected Resources and Tools. Students can access resources and tools that their assigned Leaders have uploaded especially for them.



Self-determination. Self-Determination Theory (SDT) is the foundational cornerstone of the SAY IT Program. SDT’s central tenant is that people can thrive and develop internal motivation if three psychological needs are met: those are autonomy, competence, and relatedness. By design, the SAY IT Program targets development of those SDT components, culminating in enhanced Student internal motivation and ability to thrive.

Multi-disciplinary content. Our founder and content developer is an attorney, has a Masters in Social Work, and is a person in long-term, sustained recovery from depression, anxiety, binge eating, and substance use disorder. That rare combination of knowledge, experience, and perspective generates a strong self-advocacy program that feels relevant and engaging to Students while teaching them the skills they need to thrive.

Accounts. Private, password-protected accounts give Students a safe place to collect their thoughts, Recovery Script, Goals, strategies, and Notes.

Continuous quality. SAY IT Program updates are immediately accessible compared to in-person trainings or on-paper resources. In addition, online content holds its quality over time. This is particularly key for individuals receiving services in fields that have high staff turnover rates.

Cost effective and accessible. SAY IT’s online training is less expensive than in-person workshops. In addition, Students have ongoing access to learning and pursuing goals compared to one-time in person trainings.

Graphics. Colorful graphics communicate key concepts in a quick and appealing way.

Blog. Students can read Blog Posts that land in the Dashboard, featuring individuals who model advocacy skills at the individual and community levels, as well as advocacy tips and intriguing concepts. Highlighting diversity of all kinds is a priority for SAY IT and is a foundational theme of the Blog, enhancing Students’ feeling of belonging.

Badges. Students earn Badges for completing chapters, creating their Ally network, and reading Blog Posts.

Note: This is an educational program. It is not counseling, coaching, or mentoring.

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