A combination of advantages you can’t find anywhere else.


Why do people like SAY IT Solutions’ self-advocacy program? Because it fills the gaps in programs and services that they’ve had before.


The SAY IT Program is designed to help build Social Determinants of Health. Without adequate jobs, safe housing, access to food, transportation, and many other day-to-day needs, it can be nearly impossible to achieve and sustain wellness. The SAY IT Program guides Students through the self-advocacy skills that will help them meet needs in multiple areas of life.


The SAY IT Program is the only wellness-specific self-advocacy curriculum. While other direct services or training programs may mention self-advocacy as a side-note, SAY IT is the only one that focuses squarely on the self-advocacy mindset, goal crafting, and step-by-step strategy. This focus positions Students to translate their learning progress into real traction in handling life’s challenges.


The SAY IT Program is the only on-line self-advocacy program. This allows Students to access the program 24/7, fitting it into their own schedule, no matter where they live. The SAY IT Program can be done as a part of other services, or as a supplement to services.


The SAY IT Program has two access options. Students can use the SAY IT Program individually, or, if they are part of a program that offers the SAY IT Program, they can use it through that program.


The SAY IT Program is self-standing and user-friendly. Once Students access their accounts, they are off and running. Everything they need to succeed is included within the program, allowing them to use it independently.


The SAY IT Program welcome videos orient students. The program is designed for intuitive and easy navigation. For additional support, prompts and brief videos highlight and explain the many features.


The SAY IT Program training videos optimize learning. Students can watch videos multiple times and return to any video at any time. Training videos are 1-6 minutes in length, for maximizing Student attention and program flow.


The SAY IT Program videos build rapport. Unique videos throughout the program build rapport between Students and the trainer, building connection to encourage and engage the Student through the on-line course.


The SAY IT Program is designed to be flexible. Students can work on more than one goal at a time. They can also go back and update their work and strategies as circumstances change and their efforts progress.


The SAY IT Program can supplement group sessions. Counselors and other service providers can use SAY IT Program content, such as videos and colorful concept graphics, to supplement group sessions and discussions.


The SAY IT Program boosts person-driven treatment planning. Students can set completion of the SAY IT Program as a treatment goal. They can also use it to achieve other treatment goals.


The SAY IT Program gives service providers a tool to support Students’ independent problem solving skills. Service providers know that their clients won’t have access to them forever. Helping them build strong problem-solving skills is an often-overlooked component of services, resulting in client over-dependence on staff. When clients come to counselors with an issue, the counselor, as appropriate, can direct the client to an aspect of the SAY IT Program that will support the client in working independently on the issue.


The SAY IT Program is a powerful component of after-care planning. Counselors can provide the SAY IT Program to Students as they transition out of services, giving them a powerful tool for maintaining and developing wellness.


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