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Life gets better when you can say what you need to say.

Build on your strengths with SAY IT’s engaging, meaningful, and user-friendly course.

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In SAY IT’s self-advocacy course, you will grow the skills, mindsets, and confidence to achieve goals, thrive, and enjoy life.  Our training videos add warmth and a human touch to your online experience. 

How SAY IT works:

  • Create your goal. Think of some important communication that you need to have in order to reach a goal, e.g. job interview, family issue, or conversation with a health professional.
  •  Learn. With SAY IT, you’ll learn the complete self-advocacy process so that you communicate effectively and cover all your bases.
  •  Strategize and plan. Apply your learning immediately with the Toolkits and Strategy Guides at the end of each chapter. By the end of the course, you’ll have a complete plan for achieving your goal.
  •  Build momentum. You’ll find tips and suggestions for things like: working through nervousness, finding the right words for saying difficult things, and using your support network more effectively.

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In each chapter of SAY IT’s course, you’ll find:

  • Videos (1-6 minutes each)
  • Colorful and concise graphics
  • Tips and resources
  • Goal builder and strategy guide
  • How to meet your goals 

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