Whether you’re the newest member on the team or on top of the leadership chart, you can build well-being right where you are.

On this page, we’ve collected resources for you to explore. SAY IT comes in where the rubber hits the road: Building the communication, motivation, change-management leadership, and talent retention you’ll need to convert a challenge to a win. Learn more about SAY IT trainings, workshops, and keynotes.


To get the big-picture, check out the Well-being Toolkit for Lawyers and Legal Employers. Written by Anne Brafford for the ABA, it’s 99 pages of assessments, activities & event ideas, policy & practices audits, collection of online resources (such as meditation apps), worksheets for action at the individual and organization level, and more.

Don’t feel like reading 99 pages? We understand. We’ve pulled out some quick-reference points to get you going. Skip to organizational information. Want help diving in deeper? That’s what SAY IT’s here for. Get in touch.


ProQOL.org has free, online assessments and information about how burnout, compassion fatigue, and secondary trauma impact professional quality of life.

Calm.com focuses on both sleep and meditation.

Tenpercent.com is Ten Percent Happier’s mindful meditation for people who don’t necessarily see themselves trying mindfulness meditation!

Moodgym.com.au provides online, anonymous help for depression and anxiety. It focuses on cognitive reframing, which is often used in therapy, and uses a quiz and workbook format.

Well-being Toolkit for Lawyers and Legal Employers has multiple, diverse topics so that everyone can find a place to dive in. Includes information and worksheets on topics ranging from prioritizing well-being, marriage, introversion, public speaking anxiety, physical activity, mindfulness golf, positive leadership, and wellness for managers.

Putting it into words

Getting clear on what you need and talking about it with confidence is what SAY IT’s online program is all about. We know that the hardest person to advocate for is yourself. You have important things to say. Saying them effectively can change your life. Learn more.

Explore options for moving your organization from awareness into action. Contact Karen by phone or text at 757-232-5244 or email her at karen.kranbuehl@sayitsolutions.org or go through our Contact page.

Need more help with treatment and recovery supports?

For confidential services tailored for lawyers, judges, and law students in NC, check out the North Carolina Lawyers Assistance Program or the NC Bar Association’s Bar Cares.

The Alcohol and Drug Council of NC can also help you find treatment.

Contact Recovery Communities of North Carolina for addiction recovery community supports and the National Alliance on Mental Illness NC Chapter for mental illness resources.

For other states, look here for lawyer-related help and here for resources on substance use and mental illness treatment around the country. Check out Faces and Voices of Recovery and the National Alliance on Mental Illness for community supports.

Need help right now?

Contact 911, or, to contact the Suicide Prevention Lifeline, text 838255 or call 1-800-273-8255. If you’re a veteran, press 1 when you call.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness has a free 24/7 text hotline where you can access a trained crisis counselor. Text NAMI to 741-741.

You are a worthwhile person. You deserve the opportunity for health and well-being in life.

If you need help, please reach out to one of these resources. Making contact with another person who understands can be the starting point you need to move from awareness to action.