Sometimes words don’t feel like enough. That’s why SAY IT is celebrating Kehinde Wiley and the VMFA for their December 10th installation of a new statue, Rumors of War.

This statue and its new home change the game when it comes to the traditional war statues that we see so much in the news today. It forges a new path for including everyone in a way that is positive, dignified, and constructive.

This means a lot to SAY IT, which creates self-advocacy resources that people use to be seen and heard in their own best and authentic light – particularly those whose experiences, appearance, identities, or challenges expose them to misunderstanding and discrimination. Karen has been a big fan of Mr. Wiley since the first moment that she saw his work, Mugshot Study.

In SAY IT’s footage of the unveiling, you’ll see the artist enter. You’ll also see a man taking a video with a phone. He is the main model for the statue, but Mr. Wiley noted at the event that the final image is a composite of many people.

Next, watch the CBS interview with Mr. Wiley, including a walk on Richmond’s Monument Avenue, an image of his portrait of President Obama, and some of his other art.

You can find more links to PBS videos on his method and other information in this SAY IT article

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