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FAQ for Individuals

What is the SAY IT Program?

The SAY IT Program is an online self-advocacy training that features a skills course.

What do I get if I sign up?

Once you sign up and pay the enrollment fee, you will get three months of unlimited access to the SAY IT Program. After that, you will have the option to continue your subscription for $9 monthly. Sign up now.

How does the SAY IT Program work?

Early in the program, our students create a personalized self-advocacy goal. Then students develop the skills and strategy for achieving that goal. Each chapter in the course focuses on a specific step in the self-advocacy process. Students learn through videos, graphics, and brief text. By the end of the course, our students have created a self-advocacy strategy for achieving a goal that is meaningful to them.

How should I use it?

Think of the SAY IT Program as your home for setting and achieving goals. Our students use the course to set goals and create strategies. Students use other program functions, like the Allies list, Notes, and Resources, to build self-determination as they go.

If I’m already good at advocacy, why should I use this program?

Everyone begins at a different level of self-advocacy skill.  Even professional advocates, however, find that they need help in some areas. For example, an attorney may be a great advocate in court, but need help advocating effectively in personal relationships. Also, self-advocacy requires a variety of different skills. Most people find that they have some skills but not others. The SAY IT Program will help a person develop a more full spectrum of advocacy skills.

Who can see the information that I enter in the modules?

Our students have password-protected accounts. No one will see the content that you enter into the program.  However, they can see whether your account is actually being used.

What if I got access to the course through a direct services provider, like a counselor? Can my counselor see my work?

Great question. Your provider will have a Leader Dashboard. That dashboard will show them two things: The name of your goal and your progress bar. That way, your counselor will know that you are actually using the program. Your counselor will not be able to see anything you type into your Strategy Guide, Notes, or Allies list.

How can I share my work with other people?

If you decide that you want to share some of your work, options are provided for doing so. You can print, download, or email your work.

What are the badges for?

Badges track and celebrate progress in the program. They provide a visual reminder on your dashboard of what you have learned so far.

How can I access this program?

There are two ways to access the SAY IT Program. One way to get the SAY IT Program is to sign up on our website and pay the sign-up fee.

Another way that students access the SAY IT Program is through a services provider. Counselors, coaches, and nonprofit organizations are examples of service providers who can add the SAY IT Program to their own menu of options.

What if my service provider does not offer the SAY IT Program?

This is a great opportunity to advocate for yourself and others in your situation! You can share this website with your service provider. Explain why you think the SAY IT Program would help you. What could you change in your life with the help of the SAY IT Program? Then ask them to start providing the program.


FAQ for Providers

Why should providers use this program with clients?

Providers can use the SAY IT Program to achieve many goals.  The program provides one set of skills that a wide variety of clients will need. It can support clients in solving multiple types of common life challenges. Providers can use the SAY IT Program as high quality material for keeping clients engaged in growth outside of regular in-person service hours. It can also help clients to maintain service outcomes.

How do I sign up and pay for the SAY IT Program?

We’d love to discuss how SAY IT can help you and your organization succeed. Contact Karen at 757-232-5244 or

Does HIPAA apply to the SAY IT Program?

No. The SAY IT Program does not involve any protected health information and therefore does not trigger HIPAA requirements.


Using the Program

What if I don’t have a goal?

That’s okay! Many people do not have a particular goal in mind when they start the program. They just know that they want to improve their self-advocacy skills.  As you move into the course, a goal will probably come to you. Let’s face it; life’s challenges never stop! The course material will help you create your goal.

What if I am too nervous to start?

That is okay, too. We understand because we’ve been there. The course will talk about being nervous and how to move forward with confidence.

What if I don’t have anyone to put in the Allies list?

One of the things you will learn in the SAY IT Program is how to look for allies and grow a diverse set of allies. We’ll also cover specific things that you can talk to your allies about. Once you get into the course and experience that material, you’ll figure out who to add.

What is the black Notes box?

When you click on the black Notes box, you will enter a space for writing down whatever you want. You can use it to write down your thought, questions, or ideas. You can also use it to create a written record related to your goal. For example, if you have an important conversation, you can go into Notes and write down what was said. That way, you’ll have a written record of the conversation. Each note that you make has it’s own date and time stamp. That means that you can remember and prove when you wrote the note.

How do I put together the strategy for reaching my goal?

Every chapter covers one step in the self-advocacy process. At the end of every chapter, you will fill in the strategy guide for that step in the self-advocacy process. As you move forward in the program, you can click on the My Work icon at the top of the page. In My Work, you will find all of the strategy guide pages that you have completed in that goal. When you look at them together, you will see your strategy coming together. It might help to print out each strategy guide page so that you can see them all at your desk or wherever you work.