“SAY IT Solutions’ self-advocacy training is excellent and I want to highly recommend it.  In my work travels, I regularly crossed paths with Karen Kranbuehl.  Her experience, talent, and vision coupled with her compassionate desire to make a difference, make her a potent voice for the recovery movement. With the launch of the SAY IT Program she has coalesced her vision into a practical, efficient tool that guides people to effective advocacy skills, providing solutions to our current problems.  Something everybody, the whole world, benefits from. 

A superb tool, an excellent training device, for virtually anyone striving to make a difference in this world, starting with the behavioral health world. Bringing this to your people will add value to their lives and your organization.”

Jimmy Cioe, man in long-term recovery from drug addiction, a licensed alcohol/drug counselor for more than two decades, a student of Wellness, Holistic medicine, and alternate history.



The SAY IT Program began as an in-person training delivered to individuals in group treatment for substance use disorders. The overwhelmingly positive feedback below, about the in-person training, inspired SAY IT to create the online tool.

“(Karen is) great at interacting and engaging entire group. Very positive experience and I felt comfortable in group due to leadership.”

D.V., Training Participant

“I enjoyed the lesson. Advocacy is very important in being an adult. (Karen’s) bright personality really helps liven up the class.”

R.M., Training Participant

“I think this is great. I was excited about coming today. This is info that I really wanted.”

A.H., Training Participant

“Substance use disorder is unique in that it affects multiple domains of a person’s life. Not only do people struggle to manage their sobriety, they are often also working to rebuild their relationships, careers, living environments, and their sense of self-worth. This requires an ability to advocate for themselves with the people involved within these systems. Karen’s group addresses this need perfectly. Not only do clients in her group feel respected and valued, they learn the crucial skills needed to communicate this confidence to others around them.”

Anna Parisi, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

“I enjoyed learning about our goals and really learning how to break it down so we can accomplish (them).”


L.K., Training Participant

“The program was very good. Very detailed and planned. It provided the clients the opportunity to be expressive and gain insight about ways that they could advocate for themselves… I think that the program is awesome. I look forward to seeing the advancement that the program will provide for the community.”

Sonya Wood, Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist

“I have learned to advocate properly for myself now and I’m very grateful for this experience.”

T.M., Training Participant

“Thank you for helping. This will be added reinforcement toward my recovery. This work saves lives.”

W.N., Training Participant

“(This program) is worth your time.”

S.R., Training Participant

“I came in on the last day of training for only one hour, but from the feedback from the group, I’m sorry that I missed the entire program. It seems the participants really developed trust in you.”

T.E., Training Participant

“I learned that words are very powerful.”

G.R., Training Participant

“I learned to give myself respect when I’m representing myself.”

H.D., Training Participant

“(This training) helped me realize that I need to know how to say what I want to say in a proper way and consider my body language.”

T.F., Training Participant

“I love the way that you explain things. Thanks for teaching me how to advocate for myself.”

C.A., Training Participant

“I just want to say that this session was very informative and very helpful.”

S.D., Training Participant

“Great information…thank you for caring.”

P.R., Training Participant

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