People and relationships are at the heart of self-advocacy. They are also the core of SAY IT Solutions’ values.


Authenticity. Honor the diverse expressions of humanity and the need for freedom to live and work in alignment with one’s own. Maintain equilibrium among respect for individuality, the collective need for a productive environment, and company values.


Wellness. The quality and sustainability of our work depends upon our continuous investment in wellness. Develop a multi-faceted understanding of health at the personal, team, and company levels. Translate that understanding into an ever-evolving plan of action.


Integrity. Support the ease and ability of individuals and teams to do what is honest and ethical rather than what is merely expedient.


Mutual respect. Relations inside and outside of the company demonstrate integrity, a strengths-based approach, and accountability for quality. All sides of a relationship operate from and receive that mutual respect.


Collaboration. Cultivate diversity, interdisciplinary perspectives, and participatory practices as the foundations of quality work, both inside and outside of the company.


Innovation. Operate from a spirit of inquiry and advancement, internally and externally. Maintain contact with and awareness of the changing needs of employees, clients, and those we serve, so that improvements are relevant, timely, and practical.


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