What is the SAY IT Program?

The SAY IT Program is an on-line tool for learning self-advocacy skills and creating strategies for using those skills to meet needs of all kinds.

How does the SAY IT Program work?

Individuals use password-protected accounts to engage with interactive learning modules. Modules contain videos, info graphics, supporting material, and guided workspaces. Individuals use the workspaces to create and develop personalized advocacy projects.

How should I use it?

Learn by watching videos. Practice new skills. Create, organize, and track multiple self-advocacy projects. Read our blog CLiCK! on advocacy in the community.

If I’m already good at advocacy, why should I use this program?

Everyone starts with some level of skill. People with advocacy experience often find, however, that they are skilled in some areas, but not in others. For example, an attorney may be a great advocate in court, but have trouble navigating family relationships. The SAY IT Program will help a person develop a more full spectrum of advocacy skills.

Who can see the information that I enter in the modules?

No one will see the information that you enter. However, they can see whether your account is actually being used.

How can I share my work with other people?

If you decide that you want to share some of your work, options are provided for doing so.

What are the badges for?

Badges track and celebrate your progress. They also create a common language for communicating your successes to others.

How can I access this program?

Participating health and related service providers can give individuals access to the SAY IT Program as part of their own programs. If your provider does not currently provide the SAY IT Program, you can share this website with them and ask them to learn more about it. And you can always email us directly!

What happens if I am leaving my provider, insurance company, or managed care organization?

Self-advocacy is especially important during times of change and transition. We are developing options that would allow individuals to retain their access.

What if I am not engaged with a provider, but I want to use the program?

Please contact us! 

Why should providers use this program with clients?

Life is complex and always changing. Self-advocacy helps individuals navigate the systems and challenges in their lives so that they can focus on achieving and maintaining wellness with your services.

How do I sign up and pay for the SAY IT Program?

Please contact us!