SAY IT Solutions honors the fact that every person has something important to say. Being able to say it can change your life.

Our mission. To provide user-friendly consumer resources and continuing education that build self-determination, confidence, and the ability to communicate effectively in any situation, so that people can navigate challenges, meet goals, thrive, and enjoy life.

Our history. The SAY IT Program started very simply in 2015, when our founder used her combination of social work skills, legal background, and personal experience to help a group of people advocate for themselves during a stressful experience.

The SAY IT Program was presented in-person to numerous groups and with different organizations in the Raleigh, North Carolina area, including the Wake County Recovery Court, Fellowship Health Resources, and Healing Transitions. The overwhelming response to the training led to the founding of SAY IT Solutions to develop an online version of the SAY IT Program.

Meet our Founder

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