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Continuing education

Starting later this fall…skills that help you and your clients.

Organizations serving individuals & families

Add value with engagement and resilience.

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Speaking engagements & trainings

If you want an energizing speaker or trainer, SAY IT CEO Karen Kranbuehl is a refreshing pick.

News & Events

CEO to present training for Legal Aid of NC on September 20th and the Wake AHEC on October 25th in Raleigh, NC.


NC Certified Peer Support Specialists and NC Social Workers can get 7 Continuing Education credits with the online SAY IT Program.

Testimonials What people are saying about SAY IT

Get insight from people in and around recovery who understand the challenges and the value of speaking up for yourself.

Learn Self-advocacy Skills + Strategies

The SAY IT Program™ is all about self-advocacy skills in action. It's designed to build the confidence, self-determination, and motivation that people need to meet their needs, achieve their goals, thrive, and enjoy life.

Build Self-Determination

The SAY IT Program has a strong foundation in self-determination theory. That theory and our core values give purpose and meaning to every aspect of the program.

Create Value for Organizations

The SAY IT Program is designed for a value-based payment system, delivering content that impacts social determinants of health at a much lower per-person cost than in person trainings.

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Where to get help.

Need more help with treatment and recovery supports for addiction or mental illness? Contact Recovery Communities of North Carolina for addiction recovery community supports and the National Alliance on Mental Illness NC Chapter for mental illness resources. The Alcohol and Drug Council of NC  can help you find treatment. Check out Faces and Voices of Recovery and the National Alliance on Mental Illness for...

Working with your lawyer

Lawyers are only human. This means that you don’t need to be intimidated by your lawyer or someone else’s. It also means that your lawyer won’t be perfect.  Rules of conduct Every lawyer is required to follow professional rules of conduct. This includes things like this: They must be competent (able to do a good...

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