Turn Recovery Progress Into Life Progress

Learn Skills + Strategies

The SAY IT Program™ uses dashboard navigation to guide individuals through an interactive and engaging online curriculum. As they learn, individuals also create their personalized goal and develop a complete advocacy strategy.

Build Self-Determination

The SAY IT Program has a strong foundation in self-determination theory. That theory and our core values give purpose and meaning to every aspect of the program.

Create Value for Organizations

The SAY IT Program is designed for a value-based payment system, delivering content that impacts social determinants of health at a much lower per-person cost than in person trainings.

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Meet Troy Manns

Meet Troy Manns, Statewide Manager of Advocacy and Education with Recovery Communities of North Carolina. Here are three reasons why I want you to meet Troy through this iHeartRADIO podcast: 1. Life-changing self-advocacy during addiction. When Troy tried to enter treatment, he was turned away. He was told to come back in two weeks when space opened up. In...

Meet Laura Valentine of SPRINGS Holistic Center

Meet Laura Valentine at SPRINGS Holistic Center Laura Valentine is a visionary and innovator. Her passion is serving children by providing opportunities for their entire families to have counseling and an array of opportunities for wellness and growth, all in one center. Does it work?  Watch this video (click on image below) to see what her...