Individuals and Families

Sometimes the hardest person to advocate for is you.

Speak up. Be heard. Get results.

Direct Service Providers

Do you deliver self-advocacy skills? Now you can. And it's easy.

Can your participants handle what life throws at them? Give them all the tools they need. Online. Interactive. Goal-oriented. Easy on-boarding.

Macro Level Organizations

Join us to create the “win-win” you need.

With SAY IT’s online self-advocacy skills program, your consumers achieve their goals while helping you achieve your goals. In this program, that’s what we call a “win-win.”

Program Details

Invest in you.

  • 11 Chapters of videos, graphics, and tools.
  • SMART Goal builder. Strategy guides.
  • Online. Interactive. User-friendly. Dashboard navigation.
  • Leader dashboard for direct services professionals.

News and Events

SAY IT Solutions is proud to be participating in the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab in the Jordan Institute for Families at the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Social work.

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Learn Self-advocacy Skills + Strategies

The SAY IT Program™ is all about self-advocacy skills in action. It's designed to build the confidence, self-determination, and motivation that people need to meet their needs, achieve their goals, thrive, and enjoy life.

Build Self-Determination

The SAY IT Program has a strong foundation in self-determination theory. That theory and our core values give purpose and meaning to every aspect of the program.

Create Value for Organizations

The SAY IT Program is designed for a value-based payment system, delivering content that impacts social determinants of health at a much lower per-person cost than in person trainings.

Discover Recent News + Articles

Quality Recovery Housing Update: Join the discussion online 8/23, 2pm

  A few weeks ago SAY IT Solutions posted a blog entry on Quality Recovery Housing. We highlighted advocacy work that is renewing a national effort to establish and enforce recovery housing best practices. You can join a free, virtual interactive event on this topic on August 23 from 2-3pm. The event is hosted by SAMHSA’s BRSS TACS...

Quality Recovery Housing

Recovery housing should be safe, stable, and affordable, but it isn’t always the case. Fortunately, advocates are working to improve recovery housing for everyone. . One voice makes a difference . Ryan Hampton is a person in recovery and has lived in recovery housing. His friend Tyler died in recovery housing when staff failed to recognize...

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