Turn Recovery Progress Into Life Progress

Learn Skills + Strategies

The SAY IT Program™ features a modular, on-line curriculum guides learners in creating individualized self-advocacy plans. Learners can create and track multiple self-advocacy plans using the online tool.

Build Self-Determination

The SAY IT Program has a strong foundation in theories of human development and self-determination. Those theories provide guiding principles that give purpose and meaning to every aspect of the program.

Create Value for Organizations

The SAY IT Program leverages technology to create a cost-effective tool. This tool integrates into your program to enhance individuals' experiences while meeting the needs of professionals and system-level payers.

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Why Vision is a Critical Tool in Self-Advocacy

People who face challenges that are stigmatized (substance use, mental health, unemployment, justice system entanglement) often internalize that stigma. You must move past the stigma to heal. Still, doing so is difficult if there is no vision.

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Paralegals and Staff: Turn Information into Strategy

How could paralegals and office staff use a task force report in their self-advocacy with their employers? What strategy can they employ?

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